or should that be "about me?"

My name is Claire Black, and I am a freelance bookkeeper, trading as Black Book keeping and I offer a comprehensive book-keeping service to small businesses, including management accounts, VAT, and self assessment. My work is predominantly home based, keeping your accounts completely out of your way, you simply provide the paperwork, and I provide the accounts.

I`ve always been the organised one, the person who creates calm from chaos, that’s just me, quiet and competent, I just get on with what needs doing until its done – no matter how tough it gets, I just don’t give up. I have a natural eye for detail, I`ll pick up on a missing phone bill, or a miscalculated VAT invoice, I`ll spot trends, in your management accounts, and help you to forecast where your business is heading.

I have an inquiring mind, I will ask you lots of questions about your business, not because I`m nosey (well maybe a tiny bit!) but because I want to make sure that I am providing the best possible service to you and your business, and capturing every possible cost that is relevant to your business.

Being a member of a professional organisation (the International Association of Book-keepers) gives you the confidence that my work will be of a high standard, and I am bound by the bye-laws and constitution of a professional body.

A bit more about me…

After leaving my position as a district business manager within the civil service in 2009, following the births of my twins, I decided that it was time for a change of direction, and opportunity for me to go back to the drawing board, and pick a new career, or so I thought. 

After much deliberation, and research, looking into careers, I eventually decided that actually, my ten year old self was right after all – I did want to be an accountant. Having already completed several Open University courses, I switched to accountancy course and In June 2011 I became a member of the International Association of Book-keepers. I have now set up as a book-keeper, but am continuing studying towards becoming a fully qualified accountant. 

 Looking back on my career (hindsight is a great thing!) I realised that I’d been subconsciously leaning that way for a long time, my first role leaving school was as a clerk at a central London cinema, doing all the cash reconciliation and recording of sales and expenditure, then I was a cinema manager, but was always the one desperate to know more about the finances of the business. Eventually I became an operations manager, responsible for the finance function of a ten screen £3 million turnover cinema. Becoming a district business manager within the civil service followed.